(1) Blumenkraft is a community of independent states of consciousness with temporary headquarters in the Republic of Golgonooza.
(2) Blumenkraft respects the Sacred Laws of the Universal Karmic Rotations of Golgonooza proposed by Ellulis (for what it worth).
(3) Blumenkraft promotes awareness of the consequences that everyone can draw from some rather trivial statements:
a. a life spent exclusively producing and consuming goods and services is contrary to man's deepest desires and is also rather boring;
b.those who seek to persuade others to behave in a certain way do so for purposes that are not necessarily consistent with the best interests of the persons or communities to whom they appeal;
c. innate errors of judgment lead to unpredictable outcomes, as Daniel Kahneman shows;
d. Karl Popper was almost always right;
e. in the picture of the Hodge-Podge transformer both the weight and the hot air serve to keep the eristic and aneristic poles in equilibrium, and without this intervention the eristic pole would probably stand above the aneristic.
(4) Blumenkraft adheres to the traditional cults instituted by the Ancient Scholars wherever this is useful, fun, and not in conflict with the Sacred Laws of the Universal Karmic Rotations of Golgonooza.
(5) Blumenkraft affirms that it is possible that we live in a parallel psychic reality and that we are in fact all part of a dream by Carole Lombard on the set of Lubitsch's film To Be or Not to Be: this possibility, however, has no significant practical consequences at the moment.